Monday, July 28, 2008

ouch, ouch, you're on my hand!!

So I kind of broke my hand this last weekend.  Apparently drinking 142 jillion gallons of milk in your lifetime has no benefit when enough force is applied.  I broke it falling out of a car that had 8 people crammed in it.  However, I decided that when we go to vegas in three weeks I'm going to just make a different story up every time someone asks.  I see it going something like this:

random stranger: what happened to your hand?
natalie: I shattered it ninja chopping cinder blocks, wanna fight?  

However, it does come with its perks.  See Matthew below cooking me dinner?  He made amazing pork chops.  And then had to cut it up for me.  Like I was three again.  And helpless.  Awesome.

But in all seriousness, it was really good.  And I really, really appreciated it.  Thanks for taking care of me babe!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nananananana, BATMAN!

So Matthew and I took his Guncle* to see Batman the other night for his birthday and it was really good! If you haven't seen it yet, and plan to, stop here because there's a spoiler (an obvious one, but still).

So the part I found most interesting about the whole movie is at the end, they catch the joker, but they never actually show Batman kill him. Now everyone who has seen daylight in the last year knows that Health Ledger, who plays the joker died a few months ago, and it just made me wonder if they didn't show him die out of respect for Heath and his family?? Because usually they ALWAYS show the good guy killing the bad guy at the end and I thought it was odd that they didn't. If that's the case, then I have a lot of respect for those producers for being sensitive and classy. Matthew thinks I am reading WAY too much into it, but I like to think that my theory is right. :)

*Guncle is an affectionate term for one's gay uncle. It seems quite a few people have guncles and I have to give Alex credit for coming up with the brilliant term (she also has a guncle).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi Everyone! This is my first blog post and while I'm feeling a teensy bit guilty since I'm at work, I think I'm going to chalk this one up to research. "New Media", as they like to call it, is all the rage in marketing right now, and well, since I'm in marketing, I guess that makes it okay. Anyone? Anyone??