Thursday, August 28, 2008

Would you like relish with that?

So Target and I have a very love/hate relationship.... I looooove to shop there and my bank account hates me for it. I have bought the most bizarre things that I never knew I needed until stepping through their doors. It's also a great place to find cheap toasters when you set yours on fire. But I digress. My favorite aisle in Target by far is their doggie aisle. Some of moose's cuter toys have come from target (for example, his stuffed beer mug that says "Bark Brew". I mean, seriously, how funny is that??)

You cannot even begin to understand my excitement when last year around this time of year my mom and I were shopping and we found a moose doggie costume. Yes, I dressed moose as a moose for Halloween. It. was. fabulous.

So anyways, you combine one of my favorite holidays with my favorite target aisle and it's just happiness all around. So let me tell you how excited I was when I rounded the corner yesterday and saw the doggy costumes. Prominently displayed on their little endcap... beckoning me from the frozen foods. And no surprise here, Target did not disappoint. I mean, they had lobster costumes, the obligatory witch costumes.... all sorts. So, ladies and gents, let me introduce the moose-man, delightfully modeling his look for Halloween '08. (okay, so maybe not delightfully, maybe more along the lines of extremely annoyed and pissed, but regardless delightfully makes for a better intro....) Ta da!!

HOW GREAT IS THAT?? Okay, okay, so maybe it's a little cliche, but how could I resist?? And he's made with mustard!! Just how his mama likes it. It's a little top heavy and if you don't situate it just right the ties kinda hinder his manhood, but all and all, I would say it was a big success. It's the little things in life, right?? :)

ps- doesn't he look irritated? I swear one of these days he's gonna turn all pitbull on me and bite my ear off... or maybe a toe. That's probably a more likely situation. Unless he had a trampoline. Or a stepladder.

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Jesslee said...

I just found your blog and I must say I can't stop laughing, you are heeee-larious! Your dog is too cute, I have 2 labs and I can only imagine what they think of us -humans. By the way you are so right on with the rock band, and you know it's time to call it a night when you get boooo'd off about 3 times in a row. Hope you don't mind me reading. -J.