Monday, September 29, 2008


My mom just called me with the oh-so-exciting news that GIADA IS COMING TO DALLAS! Now some of you may not know who giada is. If you don't, you lose some serious natty-appreciation points because if you know me AT ALL you know that I looooove Giada de Laurentiis. She is the host of Everyday Italian on Food Network. Her recipes are usually pretty simple (none of that crazy stuff on barefoot contessa) and they're always SO good.

My mom was shopping (SHOCKER) at Williams Sonoma and saw a sign that said she'll be there at 4:00 on Sunday. So she called to see if I wanted to go (duh) because she would get tickets. Well, apparently there are lots of giada-lovers out there because they were already out of tickets. So we quickly devised a plan to go on Sunday at 4:00 to shop and we could at least go and look at her. (I realize this is the point of the story that I start to sound a little crazy, but really... if say, Julia Roberts were in town even if you couldn't get into her premiere wouldn't you go just to look at her?? uh-huh, that's what I thought).

BUT THEN, my quick-witted little brain decided that she wouldn't come into town just for one appearance, so I went on her website and thankyouverymuch, she's ALSO going to be at Sur La Table from 12-2. So my plan is to go (and by go, I mean stalk) Sur La Table first, and see if I can get a signed book and if I can't, then we'll go to Plano and try our chances there.

There you have it. That's my plan for Sunday. An all out giada-stalking day. Maybe I'll make her picnic lunch from a couple episodes back to take with us* in case we get parched in our efforts.

*I know you must be wondering who I am referring to when I say "us" and "we", becuase really, who else would be as crazy as I am. Well, by "us" I mean my mom and I. She's getting roped into this since she was the messenger. And usually when there are kooky plots transpiring, she tends to be my partner-in-crime. As evidenced by the time that when I was thinking about stealing the "Knox" street sign for erika's bachelorette memory box she said, and I quote, "will you please just tell me which night you're thinking about doing this, so I can be sure to have my phone on so I can come bail you out of jail when you get caught??". THANKS MOM! SEE YOU SUNDAY!

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