Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great news....

The cast is coming off tomorrow!!  Yaaaaaayyyy!! 

I think I'm going to take it, spray paint it hot pink and see if I can sell it on ebay as Cindy McCain's cast.  I'm sure some crazy-ass Republican would pay a lot of money for that.

Things I'm looking most forward to:
1) Showering and being able to wash my hair without having to get creative.
2) The end of random strangers asking me what happened, and then giving me this odd look like they're trying to figure out if I'm literally retarded in some way when I tell them I fell out of a car.
3) Cooking.  Yes, I can still cook, but unfortunately, during about week three I was chopping an onion without my plastic baggy and the effects of that have been very detrimental ever since.  But on the other hand, I have learned how to crack an egg one handed.  I feel very "food-networky" when I do that.  Watch your back, Giada!!
4) Being able to travel without being frisked and/or going through the bomb sensor machine.  Apparently smuggling a turtle from New York City to Dallas is okay, but casts on a broken hand are a big red flag among TSA employees.  Rest in peace, Frank Sinatra, rest in peace.*
5) Simply washing my arm.  I think the final straw today was that I was in a meeting and it kind of itched so I stuck a pen in it to scratch... oh yes, I had the wrong end.  I peeked down in it and I scribbled all over my arm.  I'm looking forward to getting the look referenced in #2 from my doctor tomorrow.  

So there you go!  It's been a long five weeks, and I've learned that sometimes it's just easier to be more careful (or more sober).  But either way, I'm SO glad it's over!!

*for those of you that don't know, last December I smuggled a little turtle that I bought in Chinatown back to Dallas.  I named him Frank Sinatra.  Frank has since passed on and gone to a better place.  Apparently turtles don't like living without water for extended periods of time.  Who knew?  I know, and to think that my mom had two babies at my age.  

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