Saturday, September 6, 2008


So this post is a tad delayed, but these pictures were so good that I had to post them, regardless of timeliness. We decided labor day should be filled with college-esque theme parties. There was talk of togas, 80's, and golf pros and tennis hoe's (ho's?? hmm.... maybe I should be proud of myself, I genuinely do not know how to spell ho/hoe... one classy point for natty. Maybe that will make up for the outfit I was sporting above) BUT ANYWAYS, we finally decided on a white trash rock band party. I must say, I think it was a big success.

Alex sported an old Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt that she just so "happened" to have in her closet. She decided that wasn't trashy enough though, so she took some scissors after it and paired it with a white jean mini.

Wylie and Caroline modeling their trashy gear. Some of us went to dinner beforehand, and they were such good sports that they actually packed a separate bag for their white trash gear! I mean, that's some serious dedication, people. Caroline wore what she referred to as "weekend-at-the-lake-white-trash" and Wylie ruined a perfectly good pair of jeans just for the occasion (which does anyone else notice that wylie's cut-offs are shorter than caroline's??).

Eventually everyone decided it was time to really get down to business and changed out of their trashy clothes. Except for Wylie... he decided to at least keep the theme somewhat alive by sporting the bandana. And apparently the whole theme party concept made trey miss being in college, hence the fratastic popped collar. Because, let's face it, there really is no excuse for a popped collar past the age of 23. Even if you are singing "Black Betty".

Highlights of the night:

1) Jenny taking the lead on vocals...... and then threatening to take my life if I put the resulting pictures on facebook.
2) Alex waking up with a BLISTER from her dedication.
3) Wylie & Caroline adding trashy fabulousness by bringing huge (I'm talking like 40 oz.) cans of Miller High Life and Bartles & James neon blue wine coolers. This solidified their invitation to all future theme parties. Anytime you can tie beverages in with the theme of the party, very impressive.
4) Julie grimacing when I took the mic for the first song and then later telling me that I was by far the best singer after she saw what everyone else had to offer.
5) E's intense concentration while on drums. It was almost comical.
6) Tommy (who is the GM of one of the nicest steak houses in dallas and is more familiar with fancy wines and suits, fully embracing giant miller high life's and bandanas)
7) Trey and Derek playing "mine's bigger than yours" in their battle to get the highest score on the guitar. (did I lose a classy point for saying that??)

So there you go! That was labor day! We had a blast and hopefully can come up with more ways to make theme parties out of rock band nights. Maybe we'll have a night where everyone has to dress like a member of a band. I'm having visions of KISS, The Spice Girls, Bon Jovi circa 1986*... hmmm, the possibilities are endless!

* Bon Jovi circa 1986. You see, that's when the hair and wardrobe were at their peak. It takes a confident man to wear orange stretchy pants and permed bangs. Well done, Jon, well done....

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