Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The camera adds ten pounds!

Okay, okay, so I'm just now getting to my giada post.  And obviously I'm very backed up on blogging.  I have like 18 things I need to blog about... that dang work thing is just getting in the way!  (love you bossdad!) So as everyone pretty much knows by now, we met Giada de Laurentiis last weekend at her book signing at Sur la Table! All-in-all it was a fun experience and it was very cool to meet her in person.  Here is my blow-by-blow:

My mom convinced me that despite all dorkiness, I should wear my pink chef coat (assuming I could locate it) since it was a once-in-a-lifetime kinda deal and that it would make such a cute photo op. So day of, I get up, take a shower, blow dry my hair, put makeup on, etc. Which most of you know, is quite a feat for me on a Sunday. Usually I spend the majority of Sunday sporting the makeup from the night before and a baseball cap. I mean, if I remember to throw deoderant on then we are doing pret-ty well for a Sunday. (TMI? yes, no?)

So against all odds, I find the chef coat. I can't find my debit card 95% of the time, but my chef coat three weeks after moving, no problem(!) With glee I call my mom to tell her that I found it!

Me: GUESS WHAT?? I FOUND IT! (very triumphantly)
Mom: Good! Now iron it! (SUCH a mom thing to say in a moment of triumph)
Me: Okay, I'll do it right now....... wait a second... OHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!
Mom: What?? (very anticipatory, let me assure you)
Mom: Oh, that's okay! What kind of chef would you be if you didn't have stains on it? That just means you've actually cooked in it!! (does she know how to work it, or what?)

That made me feel better. Like I looked more authentic since I was covered in stains. (nevermind the fact that a true, authentic chef probably wouldn't be caught dead in a pink chef coat, but whatever) So I ironed it, stuck it in my bag and ran out of the house.
When we got there, this is what we encountered:

I quickly called Alex to inform her that I was not, in fact, the only crazy person in Dallas, Texas... there was a line 90 minutes long to see Giada. And the line was full of CRAZIER people than me... the girl behind me knew Giada's baby's name the lady in front of me had driven in from Midland.  Yep, I'm normal.  In fact, this proves it.

Sur la Table did a great job moving the line quickly, and when I finally got up there, she was very nice.  Unfortunately, part of the line moving so quickly is that they wouldn't let you take pictures with her, just of her.  So no fantastic posed pictures with the chef's coat.  I know Alex is so incredibly sad that we were unable to capture this epic memory for our kitchen.

But regardless, It was very fun meeting her since I've never met a celebrity that I watch on such a frequent basis.  One of the interesting things about giada is that when you watch her on tv, you think "man, she has a huge head".  I thought that maybe that whole camera adding ten pounds thing possibly somehow got focused solely on her head... not so much.  In person... huge. head.  And if you talk to any of her male fans, they will tell you there's one other thing about giada that's huge (well, I guess technically two other things).  Well, boys, those were just as big in person as well.  It was kind of funny because she's this teeny tiny thing with this big head and these big.... well, you know.  She almost looks like a cartoon character!  

Regardless, she was beautiful and very gracious and sweet and I was glad that we waited out the line.  Here I am telling her that I made her pork chops a la pizziola on Tuesday, doesn't she look enthralled???
I thought so too.  Moving on, the picture below cracks me up because she looks kind of bitchy in it, but there's a good story behind it.  

They had very specific instructions just to have her sign your name and that's it.  Literally "To: Natalie... Giada".  Well, the lady right behind me apparently was not only getting a cookbook signed for her personally, but also one for her charity auction benefitting her nonprofit organization of choice.  She literally asked every employee/PR person she could find if giada could write... (and I'm paraphrasing since I can't remember the whole thing, but very similar to:) "Thank you for purchasing this Giada de Laurentiis cookbook at the 14th annual West Chestertonfieldfillville High School silent auction benefitting the kids in need of West Chestertonfieldville.  We appreciate your most generous support of West Chestertonfieldfillville High School Program for the Underprivileged.  We hope that you enjoy the multitude of delicious italian dishes enclosed in this book.  Thank you.  Love, the gracious kids of West Chestertonfieldfillville."  Okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad, but pretty close.  All the employees told her they weren't sure that she would have to ask Giada... So she did, and here's the result:
Ha!  Isn't that funny?  She's like "are you shitting me?? I've been sitting here signing my name for two hours straight and you want me to write WHAT?"  But anyways, it was a lot of fun and I just want to send a big thank you to my mom for waiting it out with me.  As she said, "You SO owe me a pedicure and shopping trip when I'm in the home".  I guess we have a deal!

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