Friday, October 24, 2008

Chillin' at the lodge, and we're lookin' for some rushees...

Last night I had three places to be at once. I wasn't exactly sure if I could pull it off, but I somehow managed! This was quite surprising to me as I often struggle getting myself to one place at a time.

As some of you may know I am the new social chair for the Chi Omega Night Owls (which is the young alumni group). The head girl is an SMU alum and while I tried to explain to her that a lot of chi-o's from other schools don't come out to dallas events because they assume it's all SMU, our first event of the fall was...... an SMU event. With the SMU chapter. On campus.

As much as I wasn't looking forward to hanging out on a college campus on my Thursday night, it was very fun! It was called Fashion With a Passion and it was basically a fashion show put on my the Chi Omega chapter and the ticket sales went to Make-a-Wish. The most interesting part is that there were 300 chairs and every one was filled with girls that were all dressed up, but all the chi-o's were standing around the outside of the room. So I asked our head girl, Erin, who all the rest of the girls were and she said "freshmen". Apparently, SMU has second semester rush and they have events like this as a recruitment helper. These poor little freshmen basically have to spend an ENTIRE semester going through rush. Dressing up for class every day, being on best rushee behavior, and everything else. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! I mean, the older girls at tech probably saw me the day after rush ended and thought, "hmm... we may have missed the boat on this one".

Here's a picture from the event. The girls standing in front were actives talking to what I assume are rushees. The big screen behind them played a slideshow of pictures that were of the "look how cute and fun we are" variety. I mean, it was very interesting. And a great concept if you think about it. I seriously halfway expected all the girls to line-up on the runway at the end and bust out "chi omega choo choo, chi omega choo choo, chi omega choo choose the one for you!" (ha! now you're going to have that stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)
But the funniest part were some of the old ladies that were there that you could tell they just desperately wanted to be 19 again. So weird. The lady on the right side of the picture tried so hard, but it did not work out for her at all. I feel kind of bad saying that, but if you dress like a 19 year old when you're 65, you kind of have it coming. Wearing designer jeans instead of mom jeans... totally acceptable. Wearing skin tight clothes and an even tighter face lift... kinda creepy.

Speaking of creepy, on my way there I passed a group of guys playing football and caught myself checking a couple of them out. Annnnnnd then I realized they were freshman. Playing football in front of their dorm. At the age of 19 maybe. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? If you see me on one of those dateline shows, please tivo it so I can upload it to my blog. Sheesh...

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Walker said...

Scoping out the 19 year olds? Hahaha, YOU'RE A PUMA!!