Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday JJ! (and congrats too!)

First of all, I have to wish Jodi a very happy 27th birthday! It was actually on the 9th, and while my blog wishes are a tad belated, I was there for the actual day so that outweighs my past-tense blog wishes (I'm telling you, people, I'm backed up!!) Twenty-seven is not a very exciting birthday, however it turned out to be quite an exciting day for Ms. Jones!

We went to the Porch for a wonderful dinner (mmmm..... mac and cheese) and then a few of us went to Lakewood for a couple drinks. But the really exciting part came after Matt & Jodi got home because Matt proposed!! So here they are officially engaged!

They are such a great couple and I have to brag a little because I was unintentionally a bit of a matchmaker for the two of them. A couple years ago Matthew had a Halloween party where you had to bring another half. (you know... like bonnie & clyde, the nelson twins, lloyd & harry, paula deen and butter... you get the point).

So I brought Jodi along and we went as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. Matt and Jodi met, but there wasn't much to it that night. However, over the next couple weeks anytime I was around Matt, he would ask me about "scarecrow". Finally, I mentioned something to Jodi in passing about the guy that wouldn't stop asking me about scarecrow. This led to a very amusing conversation...

Natty: So Matt McCauley keeps asking me about "scarecrow"
JJ: Matt........ was he one of the three amigos?
Natty: No he was the one that was dressed as Dirk Digler
JJ: Dirk Digler... hmm.... in all black?
Natty: No that was the ninja, and the ninja had a girlfriend. Dirk was the one that was with Alex, but not with Alex. Remember Alex was Rollergirl, and Matt had the big, huge ____ as part of his costume?
JJ: Ohhhhh, now I know who you're talking about. Oh, he's cute!!

And who would have thought that conversation would change their lives?? In the spirit of Halloween and that fateful day... here is a fun picture from the party! Congratulations you two! I can't wait for the big day!
ps- you really should at least click on the paula deen and butter link above... it's pretty funny.

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