Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kinley is 1!

I wanted to wish my adorable baby cousin, Kinley, a happy 1st birthday. Her birthday was actually a week and a half ago, but again, I've been a little backed up on this blogging business and I wanted to get a picture from her birthday party.

Her gift from me was one of those push popper things that makes a whole lot of noise. Since my cousin Jarred (above) one time made me eat snuff at the bayhouse (in my defense before you think I'm a total idiot, he told me it was like big league chew... that grape gum that comes in the pouch) I figured he had this coming. (Kelly, I'm so sorry to drag you in the middle of this!) I know, that this will no doubt come back to me ten times over in the form of drum sets, etc., but since I don't see kids in the near future I figured it was worth it.

The party was a cowgirl theme and very cute. Kinley was adorable in her little outfit and had lots of friends running around, but they were all very well behaved. My personal highlight of the party was getting Annie, Jarred's friend David's little girl who is being actively groomed to be an aggie at the tender age of two, to put her teeny little guns up and walk around the party going "Fight, Raiders, Fight". The cherry on top was when I let her borrow my bright red flats to add a little red raider spirit to her outfit. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing Ms. Kinley's dad this weekend to participate in our annual mid-Fall tradition of him handing over $20. Why does he pay me $20 every fall, you ask? Well, because once a year, around this time there is a little thing called Tech vs. A&M. And while our annual bet year-after-year is $20 to the winning team, Tech has stomped A&M so many years in a row, that I'm going to go out on a limb and call it a tradition at this point.

See you this weekend, Jarred!! :)

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