Monday, October 27, 2008

My Week in Pictures

Mavs game. Classic Julie.... glass of wine in each hand, chowing down a chili dog. We actually missed I think 3/4 of the game due to finding the chili dogs, brisket nachos, and catching up far more interesting than the pre-season loss to the Bulls.

Hostess with the Mostess... this was post-chi o event, pre-specific media party. The girl who threw the party is Jenn Sbranti, who runs hostess with the mostess (aka Martha Stewart gone modern). This is Jodi and I with Jenn:
She is so creative and we had a blast at the event. We learned how to make bloody eyeballs out of lichee fruit, raspberry jam, and blueberries and Jodi got lots of catering tips from the random waiter that we befriended.
Also Thursday: Introducing Ms. Haley Grace Jones! (I've been holding out on this one because I wanted to post it on her one-month birthday, but since I'm posting this on Monday, it seems I totally missed it). Here is the newest addition to my college roomie, Cassie's family, Haley. HOW CUTE IS SHE?? When Cass and Kyle got engaged I always told her that her kids would be graced with some good genetics and it looks as though I was right.

Lean Cuisine Panini. Why am I posting a picture of this sub-par, slightly brick-tasting frozen entree, you ask? Well, because this is what I had for dinner after I got home Thursday night. Big mistake. Our power went out for four days last week because our builder is an idiot and I, for some odd reason, thought a panini was a sandwich so it didn't need to be thrown out... WRONG ANSWER!! Skip to Sunday since there was not a whole lot going on for the rest of my weekend.

King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. Only it's a little misleading since it should have been called "All King Tut's crap at the DMA, but no King Tut". I'm being serious. You pay about $50 and get all the way through the exhibit and they lead you up to this great point of excitment and then they spit you out into the giftshop.

The best part of this disappointment was this 40-something lady with her nine year old, that was obviously very disappointed that he didn't get to see a dead, mummified body the week before halloween, CHEWING OUT the museum staff member that had the unfortunate job of being posted between the last room (aka, the room that SHOULD have had the dead king tut in it) and the giftshop.

Lady: So, I mean, WHERE is king tut?????
Unfortunate Museum Staffer: Ummm...... in Egypt.
Lady: So you're telling me that we went through this whole exhibit and ALL you have is KING TUT'S SISTER????
Unfortunate Museum Staffer: Ummm.... don't you mean his great grandmother? (side note: They did have King Tut's grandmother on display, but not his sister. King Tut actually married his sister. So I could see how the poor lady got confused. It's an incestuous little world that those egyptians lived in, apparently)
Lady: WHATEVER. So he's not here. Is that what you're telling me???? (um, duh.)
Unfortunate Museum Staffer: Goes into long explanation of respecting the dead, and blah, blah, blah.

To which the snotty lady turned on her heel, and stormed into the giftshop to no doubt buy her son King Tut puzzles, headresses*, and tissue boxes** to make him feel better about the whole thing.

What's funny is standing there waiting for my mom to read every little word on every little sign, I heard at least four other people walk up to the lady and ask the same thing. She should have just held up a sign. KING TUT ISN'T HERE, IT'S NOT MY FAULT. HE'S RESTING COMFORTABLY IN EGYPT.

My dad didn't get to witness any of this because apparently he sprinted through the exhibit and made it back to the cafe in time to follow the cowboys game on his iphone. His response when we asked him about said sprinting was "what??? I thought you guys were in front of me". uh huh. Likely story. If we were in front of him, I would have shin splints this morning and be two pounds thinner from my work out. Nice try, dad.



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