Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spotted WHAT?

So pretty much ever since I've started this little blog, there has been a thorn in my side. And that thorn's name is Wylie Eagle. He decided to follow in my super-cool blogging footsteps and start his own. Now, that's all well and fine except for after I started this, I started getting feedback on how funny I was. That is, until Wylie started to out-funny me. The final straw was when I was talking to my own mother and she mentioned that wylie's newest blog post was hilarious, and when I asked her if she read mine.... crickets. So when he called me the other day elated about the sign he had found for future blog posting hilarity, I decided to stay on the lookout for something.... funnier.

I read that book "The Secret" and I'm all for positive thinking and all that, but you know sometimes it just seems a little far-fetched to wish for things and have them land in your lap. UNTIL, during a grocery shopping excursion the other day, my mom walked up to me giggling. This is what she brought me:
I mean, really??? WHO NAMED THIS? Apparently it's some sort of bread pudding. My aunt sometimes does these dinners where she donates her cooking talents to a charity and then they sell a dinner for eight to some fancy executives. I so want her to serve this at her next dinner party.

"This dessert is so decadent, what do you call it"
"Well, it's spotted dick with a creme fraiche glaze"
*Insert the '84 Cabernet Sauvignon coming out the nose here*

My faith in "The Secret" has now been restored!

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