Friday, October 3, 2008

Ticket for the Book Signing

I got my ticket! After I found out there would be a second book signing at Sur la Table, my mom suggested that I call them and see if they had any tickets available. They still had 150 left!! The tickets were free, you just had to buy a copy of her new cookbook. Soooo, here is my shiny new copy of Giada's Kitchen!!I decided I was going to have to look through it before Sunday and pick out a recipe that looked icky (yes, even giada sometimes has some icky-sounding recipes) and have her sign that page, because once I start cooking out of it, it's almost certain that her autograph would be covered by a giant glob of pesto. One time I cooked dinner for the girls and they walked in and I literally had marinara sauce on the ceiling. :) But my mom brought up the fact that they usually sign inside the front cover, so I think I'm probably good.

I really want to take a picture with her wearing my pink chef's coat that says "Chef Natty" on it that Matthew got me for the Iron Chef competition that trey and I had a few years ago. How cute would that be in a frame in the kitchen?? But I can't decide if that would be too dorky.... I may just take it with me and throw it on at the last minute. When I was talking to the girl at Sur La Table she said that some people had been talking about lining up at 9am. Um, the book signing isn't until noon... so I figure all those people are waaaay bigger dorks than me.

Here is a picture of trey and I after iron chef (which I definitely won, but he cheated by using jager as his dessert and therefore tricked a few of the guys into drunkenly voting for him, but that's a whole other story): And on a different note, Sur la Table had some great Halloween stuff. This apron was probably my favorite. How adorable is this?? I love all the creative cooking things that center around Halloween. The October issue of Martha Stewart had some amazing ideas for Halloween themed baked goodies. That just might be a future post... there was this pumpkin chocolate lava cake that looked to-die-for!

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mom said...

If you can get marinara on the ceiling, I can't even imagine what the end result of you making a pumpkin chocolate LAVA cake would look like...