Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to Be???

Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I love that it's finally not so incredibly hot, I love the decorations, and I've always loved dressing up. It's just a great holiday!

I wasn't sure if there was going to be much going on this year since it seemed as though a lot of people were talking about going to Lubbock for Tech vs. UT. But luckily, quite a few people decided to back out, and so Julie decided to throw a party! YAY!

I have some FABULOUS spooky recipes that I will be blogging about at a later date, but I wanted to focus on the all-important costume for today's post.

I'm not quite as motivated as I usually am this year. Usually I end up as a "Sexy ____". But hesitation over being the ripe old age of 26 and just not quite feeling the "sexy" vibe this year, has led me down other paths. Although, a conversation with E led to the conclusion that it is entirely acceptable to be a "Sexy ____" until you reach 30 and then maybe it's time to retire the thigh-highs and the hooker heels. So anyways, I've been doing a little research on alternate ideas and had to share my favorites with you:

1. Ceiling Fan - Write "Go Ceilings!" on the front of your shirt. Add other gear if you want (pom poms, big foam finger, etc.) And don't forget to cheer!
2. Blind Date - Use a black trash bag and some loose stuffing to make yourself into a giant date (kind of like a big raisin). Add sunglasses and a white cane.
3. Taco Belle - Wear a Southern Belle outfit complete with a hoop skirt. Top it off with a sombrero. Speak Spanish with a southern drawl!
4. Goth Brooks - Apply white makeup and black lipstick and black eye liner. Dress up in all black, with cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Guitar optional.
5. Bald Britney Spears - Wear a bald wig, Ugg boots, jean shorts, a revealing shirt, and carry a doll and an umbrella.
6. Jilted Bride - Wear a wedding dress and have mascara running down your face and very messy hair. You can crunch up the flowers in your bouquet too. (Hey, they say you should never take yourself too seriously... despite that, I thought this one might be a little awkward.)
7. My personal favorite... The Princess and the Pea - dress up like a princess and carry around a urine sample. Maybe a little tacky, but I thought it was funny!

So despite all the funny ideas I found and all the stuff I tried to put together using my closet/costume box, I finally went to the old standby, Spirit Halloween, and found a cute little ragdoll costume. (Mainly it's an excuse to wear my red, glittery heels that I bought for Dorothy again.) Maybe next year I'll be feeling a little more creative....


Walker said...

For halloween this year Whit was gonna be a brown chicken and I was gonna be a brown cow. However, it is nearly impossible to find a brown chicken costume anywhere. Apparently chickens only come in white. I already have a cow outfit, so much to my surprise she's gonna be a slutty ...I mean "sexy"...milk maid. :)

Jenny said...

wow natty... 30! I can't be a sexy _____ next year? 30 isn't that old! :)