Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arrrrrggguably the best party ever!

The pirate party was last weekend and was a lot of fun despite the game.  Tech, as we all know, failed to take care of business.  So while we were all decked out supporting our red raiders, we did feel a little silly at about half time.  About 25 adults sitting around dressed as pirates while our hiney was being handed to us on the football field by OU.  Not cool.  

So towards the end, we decided to make the most of it and play Wylie's favorite game, dunkaroo.  I knew the party was headed downhill quick when he yelled at me across the kitchen asking for a bowl that was deep enough for a face.  The boys took their turn and then Dianne decided to pull her hair back and show them how it's done.  This was quickly followed by Flynn and myself.  Only I was not knocked out with the idea of mascara running down my face afterwards, so I did a quick brainstorm and decided that I could prevent this with the added bonus of using my overpriced snorkel that I purchased during my scuba certification that was now collecting dust in the garage.  Problem solved!  

The pictures of all this and more are below, but for some reason Dianne's dunkaroo was not documented (either that, or she erased the evidence!)  

The night ended with a dognapping, a rock band concert (of course), and a rum ball to the face/bloody lip for me.  One of these days we will grow up, I swear.  

For your enjoyment:
Al and Katy... judging by the guns up, I'm thinking this was BEFORE Tech embarrassed us by playing worse than my middle school's pee wee league.
Me and JJ.  She doesn't look very pirate-y here, but she did have on a red pirate sash and definitely pulled off a what I would call a "pirate chic" look.
Dianne.  I'm thinking this may have been "post-dunkaroo".
The spread.  Skull sugar cookies, rum balls, cupcakes with pirate flags, "Arrrrr"tichoke nibbles, pulled pork and sloppy joe sliders and rum punch (of course) among other things.
What?  You didn't actually think I would throw a theme party and leave him out, did you??  I didn't think so.
Clint's flight was delayed and he didn't get in until waaaay later than we thought it would.  Needless to say, he was a touch behind when he got there.  But I think he still had fun and he now has another party game to take back to Phoenix.  
Game watching.
The girls with the singing, dancing, life size skeleton dressed as a pirate.  He was the hit of the party and we decided he definitely got the most action of anyone at the party.  
My parents with the pirate... you can't really see it, but my dad's hat had dreadlocks attached to it.  My mom was also looking very "pirate chic". 
Al, the pirate skeleton, and Julie.
Again, the pirate got a lot of action that night.
And the dunkaroo's begin... Andy. Trey.
Wylie.  Instigator/Dunkaroo expert.
My parents were really proud.  I could see it all over their faces, I swear.  

So after the housewarming in October and the pirate party in November, there was talk of throwing a party in December.  Annnnnd then we woke up.  And saw the house.  And swept... three times.  And pulled jello shots out of the most random places.

Needless to say I think we're good for awhile!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eyepatch, schmeye patch...

People are always amazed that I can open my front door, let moose out, and he'll go five feet away... do his business, and run back inside.  Not on a leash.  I frequently get shocked looks with the same question "you mean, he won't run off???"  My response is always the same... he has the most comfortable doggie bed ever (also known as my bed), a grandmother that feeds him whataburger on a semi-regular basis, and dog bones bigger than he is.... WHY would he run off??

With that being said, I might be pushing his limits.  If I am going to throw a theme party, I would hate to leave him out.  And on my search for a doggie eye-patch, I found that there are much fancier options out there:

Option One:
My only problem with this one is that I can't decide what size he would need.  I mean, the before-mentioned whataburgers would probably make a small out of the question, but then I don't know if a medium would account for the stature issues that come with a dachshund.  

Option Two:
This one is by far my favorite.  Only, the hook?  Come on, he would definitely not be happy with me.  In fact, I don't know how they got that poor bulldog to sit there like that.  He's probably like, "really, I'm a bulldog.  I already got the crappy deal in the looks department.  And now you're going to stick a parrot on my head, put me in stripes that accentuate my hips, and incapacitate me further with this stupid hook.  Thanks."

Any thoughts??  

Monday, November 10, 2008


The housewarming party was so much fun and of, course, got a touch out of hand. Here are my top moments from Saturday:

1) The stomping of OSU by the Red Raiders.
2) The realization that not buying a kitchen table was the best thing we ever did when the empty space turned into the un-official pre-bar dance floor.
3) Overhearing my dad telling Caroline what the secret to a happy marriage was. (Wylie, let's just say he had your back and leave it at that.)
4) Taking one of Courtney's shoes off her foot when I saw her putting them on and throwing it down the stairs because I thought she was trying to leave. (sorry Courtney!!)
5) Jodi sneaking off and Jason freaking out because he only had 7/8 girls that came to the bar with us.
6) Whit coming even though she lives far, far away and didn't feel well!!
7) Sneaking beers out of Zepher's.
8) Rachel.... just rachel.
9) Julie's late night pizza run.
10) Erika doing a faceplant outside of the pizza place. (I personally didn't witness this, but the mental picture is enough for me).
11) The best lunch ever the next day recapping all the above and more. :)

We had so much fun that Alex and I have decided it's already time for another party! (I know, it's only been two days...) We're thinking of hosting a Tech vs. OU Pirate Party! That's right, as a tribute to Mike Leach and his 10-0 Red Raiders, we want everyone to dress up like pirates to watch the game in style!!

Evite to follow, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up so they could be on the lookout for pirate gear. Annnnd, now I'm off to find Moose an eyepatch. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gays & Chickens?

I got this email from my big brother this morning and it was one of those where you are at your desk and you laugh so loud that your coworkers look at you a little funny. This is verbatim from Clint...

"So here in California the recent elections resulted in a proposition passing that mandated less cruelty to animals by increasing cage sizes for chicken farmers, among other things. (now chickens can stretch their legs before we slaughter them!) A proposition was also passed that overturned the rights for gays to legally marry." And it included this picture:
You have to give it to this guy for having a sense of humor in spite of something that is so discriminatory to his lifestyle. (I personally think that they should be able to get married, but there's no need for politics here... that's what my work staff meetings are for!) But back to this sign, it's hilarious, but isn't it a little "blah" for a gay guy? I mean, I wouldn't expect rainbows or anything obvious like that, but really? Black stencil writing on a white posterboard? Come on! Watch a little Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, HGTV, anything! I think some of those poor guys on Queer Eye for a Straight Guy could do a better, more festive job than that!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'll have one Moose Burrito, salsa on the side please.

Okay, so I know I'm posting this at work, but it was so funny that I had to take 15 minutes this morning to put this up here. So moose and I have this little routine in the morning. I get up, he doesn't. I get ready for work, he lays there cozied up in my bed silently gloating that his little wiener dog life is so great that he gets to sleep in longer than I do. Finally, when I'm ready to walk out the door, I uncover him, and say "let's go" and he streeeeeeetches (those of you who know moose know how long he is so the 7 e's are, in fact, necessary) and eventually jumps down.

So this morning, I uncover him and this is what I find:
He had made himself into a little wiener dog burrito using one of my pillows as his tortilla!!! How funny is that?!? I'm pretty sure he slept like that the entire night because I did not feel him move. It cracked me up. I was literally standing there, looking at him, and laughing out loud. Such a funny little guy.

Okay, just one more.... :)