Monday, November 10, 2008


The housewarming party was so much fun and of, course, got a touch out of hand. Here are my top moments from Saturday:

1) The stomping of OSU by the Red Raiders.
2) The realization that not buying a kitchen table was the best thing we ever did when the empty space turned into the un-official pre-bar dance floor.
3) Overhearing my dad telling Caroline what the secret to a happy marriage was. (Wylie, let's just say he had your back and leave it at that.)
4) Taking one of Courtney's shoes off her foot when I saw her putting them on and throwing it down the stairs because I thought she was trying to leave. (sorry Courtney!!)
5) Jodi sneaking off and Jason freaking out because he only had 7/8 girls that came to the bar with us.
6) Whit coming even though she lives far, far away and didn't feel well!!
7) Sneaking beers out of Zepher's.
8) Rachel.... just rachel.
9) Julie's late night pizza run.
10) Erika doing a faceplant outside of the pizza place. (I personally didn't witness this, but the mental picture is enough for me).
11) The best lunch ever the next day recapping all the above and more. :)

We had so much fun that Alex and I have decided it's already time for another party! (I know, it's only been two days...) We're thinking of hosting a Tech vs. OU Pirate Party! That's right, as a tribute to Mike Leach and his 10-0 Red Raiders, we want everyone to dress up like pirates to watch the game in style!!

Evite to follow, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up so they could be on the lookout for pirate gear. Annnnd, now I'm off to find Moose an eyepatch. :)

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