Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arrrrrggguably the best party ever!

The pirate party was last weekend and was a lot of fun despite the game.  Tech, as we all know, failed to take care of business.  So while we were all decked out supporting our red raiders, we did feel a little silly at about half time.  About 25 adults sitting around dressed as pirates while our hiney was being handed to us on the football field by OU.  Not cool.  

So towards the end, we decided to make the most of it and play Wylie's favorite game, dunkaroo.  I knew the party was headed downhill quick when he yelled at me across the kitchen asking for a bowl that was deep enough for a face.  The boys took their turn and then Dianne decided to pull her hair back and show them how it's done.  This was quickly followed by Flynn and myself.  Only I was not knocked out with the idea of mascara running down my face afterwards, so I did a quick brainstorm and decided that I could prevent this with the added bonus of using my overpriced snorkel that I purchased during my scuba certification that was now collecting dust in the garage.  Problem solved!  

The pictures of all this and more are below, but for some reason Dianne's dunkaroo was not documented (either that, or she erased the evidence!)  

The night ended with a dognapping, a rock band concert (of course), and a rum ball to the face/bloody lip for me.  One of these days we will grow up, I swear.  

For your enjoyment:
Al and Katy... judging by the guns up, I'm thinking this was BEFORE Tech embarrassed us by playing worse than my middle school's pee wee league.
Me and JJ.  She doesn't look very pirate-y here, but she did have on a red pirate sash and definitely pulled off a what I would call a "pirate chic" look.
Dianne.  I'm thinking this may have been "post-dunkaroo".
The spread.  Skull sugar cookies, rum balls, cupcakes with pirate flags, "Arrrrr"tichoke nibbles, pulled pork and sloppy joe sliders and rum punch (of course) among other things.
What?  You didn't actually think I would throw a theme party and leave him out, did you??  I didn't think so.
Clint's flight was delayed and he didn't get in until waaaay later than we thought it would.  Needless to say, he was a touch behind when he got there.  But I think he still had fun and he now has another party game to take back to Phoenix.  
Game watching.
The girls with the singing, dancing, life size skeleton dressed as a pirate.  He was the hit of the party and we decided he definitely got the most action of anyone at the party.  
My parents with the pirate... you can't really see it, but my dad's hat had dreadlocks attached to it.  My mom was also looking very "pirate chic". 
Al, the pirate skeleton, and Julie.
Again, the pirate got a lot of action that night.
And the dunkaroo's begin... Andy. Trey.
Wylie.  Instigator/Dunkaroo expert.
My parents were really proud.  I could see it all over their faces, I swear.  

So after the housewarming in October and the pirate party in November, there was talk of throwing a party in December.  Annnnnd then we woke up.  And saw the house.  And swept... three times.  And pulled jello shots out of the most random places.

Needless to say I think we're good for awhile!!

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