Friday, November 7, 2008

Gays & Chickens?

I got this email from my big brother this morning and it was one of those where you are at your desk and you laugh so loud that your coworkers look at you a little funny. This is verbatim from Clint...

"So here in California the recent elections resulted in a proposition passing that mandated less cruelty to animals by increasing cage sizes for chicken farmers, among other things. (now chickens can stretch their legs before we slaughter them!) A proposition was also passed that overturned the rights for gays to legally marry." And it included this picture:
You have to give it to this guy for having a sense of humor in spite of something that is so discriminatory to his lifestyle. (I personally think that they should be able to get married, but there's no need for politics here... that's what my work staff meetings are for!) But back to this sign, it's hilarious, but isn't it a little "blah" for a gay guy? I mean, I wouldn't expect rainbows or anything obvious like that, but really? Black stencil writing on a white posterboard? Come on! Watch a little Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, HGTV, anything! I think some of those poor guys on Queer Eye for a Straight Guy could do a better, more festive job than that!

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