Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eyepatch, schmeye patch...

People are always amazed that I can open my front door, let moose out, and he'll go five feet away... do his business, and run back inside.  Not on a leash.  I frequently get shocked looks with the same question "you mean, he won't run off???"  My response is always the same... he has the most comfortable doggie bed ever (also known as my bed), a grandmother that feeds him whataburger on a semi-regular basis, and dog bones bigger than he is.... WHY would he run off??

With that being said, I might be pushing his limits.  If I am going to throw a theme party, I would hate to leave him out.  And on my search for a doggie eye-patch, I found that there are much fancier options out there:

Option One:
My only problem with this one is that I can't decide what size he would need.  I mean, the before-mentioned whataburgers would probably make a small out of the question, but then I don't know if a medium would account for the stature issues that come with a dachshund.  

Option Two:
This one is by far my favorite.  Only, the hook?  Come on, he would definitely not be happy with me.  In fact, I don't know how they got that poor bulldog to sit there like that.  He's probably like, "really, I'm a bulldog.  I already got the crappy deal in the looks department.  And now you're going to stick a parrot on my head, put me in stripes that accentuate my hips, and incapacitate me further with this stupid hook.  Thanks."

Any thoughts??  

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The Leinwetters said...

i think the hook is an all the way down leg sleeve with a hook design on it. maybe??? no way a dog would wear that otherwise. i vote for that one!