Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving week in pictures....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was very relaxing, with not a whole lot going on other than eating, hanging out, and eating some more. We celebrated my Papaw's 80th birthday on Thanksgiving day and had a wonderful turkey day dinner.

My mom has finally realized that I really can cook after all, so this was the first year that she turned over the reigns to a few things to me. Well, I guess just the pecan pie, but that's okay... baby steps. I decided to post pictures from throughout the week instead of boring you with witty banter. Well, if I'm being honest, I'm just too brain dead from work to come up with witty banter, but doesn't it sound sweeter that I'm looking out for the interest of my dear blog readers? I thought so too.
Here is Clint trying his luck at Wii Fit Yoga. Considering we went through about three bottles of wine, I'd say he's doing pret-ty well balancing on one leg on a small platform, wouldn't you? He did get a little ticked off when the thing told him his Wii Fit age was like 82 though. Sheesh, they get so sensitive after that 30th birthday, don't they?
Fun with Photobooth. I think Clint spent a good hour and half playing with this thing. I hope his new job doesn't use macs because he will get NOTHING done.
Clint and Moose ready for the Cowboys game!

Me and the birthday boy playing with Photobooth!
Saturday alex and I decided to decorate for Christmas. We got halfway through putting the lights on the tree when we realized we needed more lights. Three hours and $180 later we left Target with lights, stockings, a DIY gingerbread house kit, ribbon, wrapping paper, a tree stand, Christmas m&m's and most importantly, a Mrs. Clause outfit for Maddie (Moose already has a santa outfit, of course). Maddie is currently visiting her grandma in Fort Worth, so Moose had to sub-in as the model until she returns home.
The front view. I swear this dog must hate me.
The results of our labor... Our kitchen Christmas tree.
View of the kitchen decorations. Yes, Alex was using the Santa potholder as a puppet. Who knows...
And the living room with our main tree and stockings. We got little stockings for Maddie and Moose. :) And you can kind of see the lights on our balcony in the background.

Monday and Tuesday back at work have been insanely busy, but it was a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving break that made it worth it!!

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