Wednesday, February 11, 2009

30 x 30

So here it is! I've been working on this for awhile. In celebration of my 27th birthday I've decided to join the bloggy bandwagon of a 30 by 30 list. In other words, 30 goals/wishes/aspirations to complete before my 30th birthday. I have two days shy of three years to complete these things... wish me luck! I'll be sure to keep my blog following (all three of you!) updated on my progress!

Here is my long awaited 30 x 30 list:

1. Run a half marathon
2. Go sky diving
3. Learn how to make cheesecake
4. Pay off my credit card debt
5. Put my hard earned scuba certification to good use
6. Pick up piano lessons again
7. Play a full game of tennis (complete with keeping score so I learn all that love-15 stuff)
8. Form the habit of putting my debit card BACK in my wallet so I always know where it is
9. Become a wish granter for Make-a-Wish
10. See one of my inventions come to reality
11. Learn to make my family's Thanksgiving dressing
12. Go to the Georgia aquarium
13. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
14. Kiss someone in the pouring rain (I'm such a cheeseball, I know)
15. Train myself to get up earlier and run every morning
16. Take a ceramics class and learn to throw clay
17. Get into yoga and/or pilates
18. Learn calligraphy
19. Take another stab at french by memorizing one phrase each day
20. Go camping in a tent
21. Make a red velvet cake and cream cheese icing completely from scratch
22. Read one marketing book every month
23. Help my mom finish my sorority t-shirt quilt
24. Make homemade bread that doesn't come out like a brick
25. Learn basic photoshop, html, and In Design
26. Make homemade pasta
27. Set up a website to sell my crafty things
28. Pick up the check for a member of the military and leave before they can say thank you
29. Go three years without a car accident. (okay so this is only partially controllable, but it's a good goal, no?)
30. Finish my big brother's 30th birthday present (he's 31 now... I'm so bad!)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a great list! If you need a partner for 16 or 17 let me know.

Wayne said...

I have several comments . . . Please read closely.

2. Are you CRAZY??? NONONONONONO . . . please no! I really don't want to cash in your insurance policy.

6. I have 6 months worth of piano lessons in the bank for you, let me know when you want to start (see, it's the secret - put it out there and things come to you!)

11. Next year - I am ready to hand this off to the next generation. Thank you!

14. You'll probably catch pnemonia! (take asprin with you - tee hee)

20. Why in the world would you want to camp in a tent when you have a motorhome at your disposal? Just doesn't make sense to me. You are afterall a Princess and quite accustomed to creature comforts.

29. I'm for you. Would you like for me to hire you a driver? :)

There you have it . . . my contribution to your 30X30 list. Have fun! POPS

Walker said...


30. Yay! by the time I'm 34 I'll have my 30th bday present!

Erika said...

You are going to be a busy lady!!

Jacqueline said...

I believe in you! How about that half marathron? You still need to do that? We love you friend!