Saturday, January 10, 2009

A lesson in improvisation....

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  And I completely plan on getting around to the recap eventually.  But this post is more specific.  This is about one particular gift I received.  

My Aunt Betty loves to shop.  I mean, looooves to shop.  So since she spends quite a bit of time doing so, she always finds the most interesting things around Christmas time.  One of my favorite gifts from her were these four ceramic things that I couldn't quite identify at first.  Well, turns out, you take a wine bottle, fill it with water and turn it upside down into one of these things and it waters your plants for you!!  Kind of like the Aqua Globes you see on TV, only way less tacky.... well........ in theory.

When I unpacked my gifts, these were on top.  Alex and I have what you might call brown thumbs, so I thought I would immediately put them to good use.  I found a wine bottle and took care of our most crispy looking plant... ta da:
Isn't that cool?  So I ran back to the kitchen to get a second empty wine bottle (this is not a rare thing to find in our house. At. All.  Especially with Julie living right around the corner (Julie's ringtone on my phone used to be the song "red, red wine"... we'll leave it at that.)  But shockingly, there was not a second empty bottle.  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty close to just cracking one open, but I decided 11 in the morning might be a lit-tle early.  So instead, I quickly improvised:
I know when the good people at Napa Style invented these things they probably never in a million years thought someone would put a miller light bottle in one, but we did!  We had people over last week and we did get the inevitable confused... "is that a beer bottle... in your plant???"  

It stayed like this for about a week.  When I finally filled up a wine bottle and started walking towards the plant, I swear I heard a little "aww" from Alex.  

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