Monday, January 5, 2009

Moose Monday!

It was so gorgeous this last weekend that I decided to take moose to White Rock Lake dog park on Saturday.  It was perfect... 70 degrees and sunny.  We had a blast and he played so much that he was foaming at the mouth at one point.  He made lots of new friends.  Two of which were schnauzers... I personally wasn't too happy about that.  I'm going to need to fill him in that his mom hates schnauzers and all other breeds are entirely acceptable to sniff rears with but schnauzers.  (E, I'm fully aware that being a snorkie, Maggie is half schnauzer, but she's fine because she's only half and most importantly, doesn't look like one!)
Why would someone with such a big heart hate a dog breed so much, you ask?  (and thank you for the compliment... that's so sweet!)  I was bitten by a schnauzer when I was little... twice.  Same schnauzer.  You would think I would have learned my lesson the first time, but I'm stubborn.  He was cute, and I was convinced if I tried again, he would be nice.  Not so much.  Hmm.... I'm also seeing strange correlations to my love life.  But that's an entirely different post all together..... 

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