Monday, January 19, 2009

Moose Monday

Instead of a posting a picture of my wiener this week (hehe... I'm sorry, I had to!) I have a funny story. We'll go back to your regularly scheduled Moose Monday next week, but for now, this one was too funny not to share.

My parents regularly take part in what they call "moose-napping" which involves them coming to my house, either invited for a different purpose, or coming solely for this intended purpose... either way... they end up leaving with my dog.

So since I had a busy Saturday planned, my mom took this as the perfect opportunity to steal her beloved granddog. So Sunday afternoon, I call to check and make sure he was behaving himself and my mom tells me they had an.... incident.

Apparently, she noticed that she hadn't seen moose in awhile and yelled to my dad to see if he had him. He didn't. My mom looked under the covers in her bed where she had last seen him. No moose. Under the bed. No moose. Outside. No moose. In the crate. No moose. She starts to panic and this turns into an all out manhunt for my little 18 lb wiener.

Finally, in the midst of their frantic searching they hear a grumble from their bed. Upon further investigation they realize he is wedged between the footboard and the mattress about 8 inches down, on his back, using the blanket as a sort of weenie hammock. Just chilling.

I asked if he looked worried or if he was struggling and she said, "no... he was just laying there feet up in the air, kind of looking at us like, 'here I am'." Maybe upon future trips to GG's I should stick one of those sensors that beep when you punch the button to help you keep track of your life to his forehead.

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Erika said...

hahah this is hilarious!! I can just see him laying there laughing at your parents running around the house in a panic!!