Saturday, January 24, 2009

Candy for the eyes AND the ears

I have a new favorite musical artist. His name is Rob Pattinson. Those of you in the know, might recognize that name as "Edward" from Twilight. Those of you not in the know... go buy the book. Now. You think I'm kidding... leave the computer, drive to Barnes and Noble and buy it. Make sure you put sunglasses on before you walk outside on Tuesday, because it will be really bright after you've been holed up in your house reading for three days nonstop.

Back to Rob. I bought the Twilight soundtrack and noticed that two of my favorite songs on it sounded like the same artist. I looked it up... sure enough, Rob Pattinson. He's deliciously good looking and makes amazing music. He's like James Dean and Jeff Buckley rolled into one.
Okay, I'm done.

Seriously, go buy the damn book.

I couldn't figure out how to just upload an audio file, but I did find one of his songs on you tube. Enjoy!

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