Sunday, January 25, 2009

things I am loving right now....

  1. Moose's new tag from Red Dingo
  2. The way my new furniture looks with the old mattress and chest gone. 
  3. Mt. Olive Pickle Paks. (pickles, to-go, in their own little swimming pool so they don't dry out... genius!)
  4. Creating my "30 by 30" list to post at a later date.
  5. Russell + Hazel
  6. My recent discovery of food blogs.  I love the randomness of recipe ideas it gives me and seeing all the pretty food pictures.
  7. and the corresponding iPhone app.  I WILL get my financial life in order in 2009.
  8. The bridesmaid's dresses the Jodi picked out for the wedding. (more on this later)
  9. The fact that my hair is finally getting past that awkward, sitting-on-the-shoulders phase.


Anonymous said...

#3 DISCUSTING!!! #8 super sweet!

Walker said...

I got a 30 by 30 for ya. How about you give your brother his 30th b-day present by then?