Friday, January 23, 2009

What goes around comes around...

I'm lucky to have a job that I love. But more importantly, I'm lucky enough to enjoy the people that I work with as well. Aside from my obvious close relationship with my Bossdad, I also have two close guy friends that I work with. Wylie and Jason are commonly referred to as my "work husbands", but it would definitely be more appropriate to call them my "work brothers" since a) they are both happily married to wonderful girls and b) they tease me mercilously.

Wylie and I have started this little game where if we pull into the parking lot and the other's car happens to have an empty parking space on the driver's side, we will take full advantage of the situation and spend 15 minutes, backing up and pulling forward until there is not more than two inches between the two cars.

The first time he did it, it failed miserably since he's a slacker and leaves at 5:29 every day and I, being the diligent, hard worker that I am stayed until at least 5:31. So he didn't get to see the fruits of his labor realized. However, he couldn't resist the urge and called me to tell me all about his failed plan. This usually takes place when we're not together; however the next day after lunch we pulled into the parking lot and there was Wylie's poor little car, sitting there nakey and vulnerable. I took full advantage. See below. :)
He was so mad at me. The funny part was, I got him twice since he had to get out of my car throught the driver's side and also since he (being the slacker he is) left before me and had to get in his car through the passenger side. Victory!!

Although it looks as though I will be paying the price today when I leave work, since I heard him snickering as he walked in from lunch and looked out my window to see this...

For his side of the story you can click here.  

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