Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things

The "25 Things" list is all the rage on Facebook. Since I took the time to write it, I thought I would use it as a blog post too!

So here you go... 25 random things about me:

1} I'm a horrible driver. Horrible. I am literally considering covering the stone edging of our garage in rubber bumpers because I keep scraping the side of my car on the damn thing when I pull in.

2} I don't think I'm going to go to my 10 year high school reunion. It was fun. But not that fun.

3} I'm obsessed with blogging and get a little irked when I write something really witty and no one comments on it. I'm a brat like that.

4} I'm also obsessed with Twilight and have a rule... you can make fun of me only AFTER you read the first one. If you would still like to make fun of me after that, so be it, but you won't because you'll be obsessed too.

5} I love my dog like he's a child. It cracks me up every time someone asks me his name and then gets the inevitable confused look on their face and says "moose? you named your dog moose?".

6} I will never hear the song "low" without hearing the lyrics that kate made up in moose's honor. "give him a bone... and he's at home... moose is low, low, low, low, low." Love. It.

7} I love to cook but refuse to cook anything without seeing a picture of it first. I like to know how it's supposed to look before I start.

8} Inappropriate nickname usage in the workplace really irritates me. If you don't at least know my middle name, you shouldn't be calling me "natty".

9} I could probably eat my body weight in nutella filled crepes. But I won't because that would be extremely unhealthy.

10} A few christmases ago I had a little too much wine and told my family I wanted to join the peace corps. They laughed at me and told me that I wouldn't do very well sleeping on the dirt floor in a hut. I got mad and slurred to them that they "should support my passions". Now anytime I get the slightest hint of tipsy, instead of asking if I'm drunk, my parents ask me if I'm "about to join the peace corps". They think they're really funny.

11} My favorite college memories are doing drive by's with the girls. Yes, we were crazy. Go ahead and judge me.

12} I waited in line for two hours to meet giada de laurentiis.

13} In elementary school I brought a grass snake in for show and tell. After school we were loading the bus and a kid dared me to take the lid off. I had no idea snakes could slither up with nothing for traction. The snake got out. Our bus driver had a serious phobia and forced everyone off. Our bus was first in line blocking all the other buses. It was mass chaos. I might still be damaged.

14} I LOVE the rain.

15} When I was little and learning my right from my left, my big brother would ask me to hold up my right hand and when I would he would say, "nope, that's your left". Thanks to him I still have lots of backwards moments.

16} I have two debit cards because at any given moment one of them is missing. This seems to stress out everyone but me.

17} I have several ideas for inventions. I'm very protective of this, but I'll tell you if I trust you enough.

18} I get sad when I think of my gorgeous wedding dress that never got picked up (but thankful I made the decision not to wear it).

19} I have very opinionated views on pharmaceutical companies. (but I won't go into that on here!)

20} I have a girl crush on Kate Hudson.

21} Trying to minor in French almost cost me my college degree since I got a C in every french class I took.

22} I wish I could paint.

23} I worry that if I ever have kids I will in no way be able to compare to my parents.

24} I would rather have few super-close friends than have tons and tons of not so close friends.

25} Joan Rivers frightens me.

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Elizabeth said...

Natalie your blog is adorable! So glad we got hooked up on facebook and in the blogosphere. I don't blame you about the high school reunion either, I'm not sure I have it in me to go. Everyone would totally be whispering about how the dance team captain is a chubster now. :)

Elizabeth aka The Waspy Redhead