Monday, February 2, 2009

IM Convo with Bossdad

Bossdad has this very charming thing he does where he will randomly holler your name from the depths of his office. At first, I would shout back "yes?". It didn't take me long to learn that these salutations are not shouted as a call for your attention... it's a request for your presence in his office so he can ask you a question. While this is very charming, I thought there might be a better way.

So I decided to install an instant messenger on his computer. Hilarity ensued:

N: hi
N: see how nice this is?
N: if you have a question, you can just IM me real fast.
Bossdad: what the hell is this?
N: it's called IM.
Bossdad: you just took over my screen
N: a great way to communicate.
N: and mom is on it too.
Bossdad: is it always on?
N: yes, it runs in the background. you can turn it off though.
Bossdad: great . . . can i hide?
N: yes.
Bossdad: what about when I am looking at porn? like is wylie reading this right now
N: no.
N: just me.
Bossdad: can you see what I am doing?
N: and maybe you shouldn't be looking at porn.
N: no.
Bossdad: i don't want you to know when i am playing hearts or whatever
N: or solitaire.
N: or facebooking.
N: or in general not working.
N: I can just see the little box.
Bossdad: what little box
N: the IM box.
N: duh.
N: it's like texting but in the office.
Bossdad: so you cant see my desktop
Bossdad: what is this? is it google, yahoo or what?
N: no.
N: I see exactly what you see.
N: it's yahoo.
Bossdad: okie dokie - I'm more wired than ever - now get to work!

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Harper said...

I'm crying.