Thursday, February 26, 2009

Introducing.... FOODIE FRIDAYS!

I love food. All aspects of food... cooking it, shopping for it, watching it on tv, even growing it (okay, so I'm no farmer, but herb gardens count, people!). This is quite impressive to my family since Thanksgiving circa 1995 my mom suggested I come in the kitchen to learn some of the family recipes and I disdainfully replied in my best teenage sourness, "why do I need to learn how to cook when there is McDonald's???" Yes, I know, there are so many things wrong with this statement. But before you judge me:
  1. I was 13ish. ('nuff said)
  2. Hormones make all 13 year olds evil people.
  3. I have since made up for this lack of interest in the kitchen ten-fold. (have you tried my chocolate mousse, because it's to-die-for)
  4. I have also since watched "Supersize Me" and am no longer a Micky D's patron (unless I'm insanely hungover, and then a #4 is entirely necessary and usually makes me a whole new woman)
  5. Yes, my mother is a wonderful human being for not slapping me across the face when I said that.
So, with that being said, after posting a few of my favorite recipes on here one of my besties suggested doing a weekly post (a la "moose mondays"). And she also suggested the name "Foodie Fridays"... I loved both ideas, so starting tomorrow every Friday will highlight one of my many adventures in the kitchen. As always, I'll take lots of pictures. (especially if I manage to get marinara sauce on the ceiling... again.)

Thanks for the suggestion, JJ!

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Anonymous said...

YAY!! Can't wait!!!!