Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lucky First Date?

I just got home from a very eventful first date.  We had lunch on the patio at Patrizio's and then went and saw Slumdog Millionaire.  (great movie!)

What's so eventful about lunch and a movie on a Sunday afternoon, you ask??  Well, that would be because I got shat on.  Twice.  I'm not even sure if "shat" is a word, but that is, indeed, what happened to me.  Patrizio's has this adorable, tree-shaded patio that made for a perfect lunch on a warm afternoon.  If you take the birds out of the equation.

What made the story even better is that I ordered chicken lasagna which had a combination of red and a white cream sauce on it.  So the first time it happened.  I looked down at my hand in shock.  And then at my plate.  And then back at my hand.  There was a spot of white on the edge of my plate that we couldn't quite place.... cream sauce or bird poop?  Needless to say, it was sent back.  

He brings out a new lasagna but luckily when it happened a second time my hand wasn't near my plate, so I just excused myself to go wash my hands.  Again.  I ran into our waiter on the way to the bathroom and he gave me an incredulous, "SERIOUSLY?".    

Finally while we were waiting for the check (after we were done eating, thank goodness) we are sitting there talking and we both see a speck of white fall between our line of sight... I look down and it's landed on the ground thisclose to my purse.  I look up AND IT'S THE SAME FREAKING BIRD!

I think it was at that point that the manager came over and apologized, and mumbled something about how he thought the bird "must be sick".  WHAT?? Did he eat some bad birdseed??  Maybe drink too much tequila out of the birdbath last night?  Are you kidding me, sir?  No, I really do think this bird just hates me.  He must know what I did to those 8 hamsters in middle school (unintentionally, people, unintentionally!)

I'm thinking I should go buy a lottery ticket because they say it's good luck to have a bird poop on you.  Personally, I just think it's just kind of shitty.  (hehe.... sorry, I had to!!)


Anonymous said...

So is there going to be second date? And a first date on valentines day....I like his style!

Wayne said...

As the father of...I am wondering if the young man in question might have arranged the "shatting" as some sort of character test...I may have to speak with him to determine if I approve of a second date.

Walker said...

how would one go about organizing a "bird shatting"? This could be a very useful tool to have in my quiver.

Elizabeth said...

How horrifying! I would not have been able to handle that gracefully. Good for you.