Friday, February 20, 2009

Sprint Nextel Loses Another 1.2M Customers

I hate Sprint. Probably more than I hate sweet potatoes or schnauzers (which is a lot). My brother also hates Sprint. So much that my mom is very careful not to bring up this touchy subject at family functions lest we get all riled up. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced in my life and can honestly say I have probably wasted literally hours of my life on the phone fighting with them.

Luckily, a while back I bit the bullet (and by bullet I mean the ridiculous $200 early termination fee) and got my sanity back. (AT&T = love, iPhone with AT&T service = double love). I subscribe to these emails called Marketing Daily, and since I have been personally rooting on the demise of this horrible company for years, I smiled a smug little smile today when I read the following edition of Marketing Daily:

"Sprint Nextel reported a $1.6 billion net loss for the fourth quarter and a $2.8 billion loss for the year, with some of the losses attributable to final charges related to the company's 2005 acquisition of Nextel. Nevertheless, the company continued to lose customers.

The company lost 1.2 million customers in the fourth quarter and 4.6 million customers for the year in 2008. The company had 49.3 million total subscribers at the end of 2008. However, Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the company had enough cash on hand to meet its debt requirements through 2010.

"With this financial stability, we can build on the improvements we've made in customer care, strengthen our brand and maintain continued strong network performance in 2009," Hesse said in a statement. He also said the company had high expectations for the launch of the Palm Pre later this year.--Aaron Baar"

*Note: I understand that many people's livlihood's depend on Sprint, and please don't mistake my personal hatred for the company as a malice wish for their employees to suffer. But seriously, you might want to check into jobs at T-Mobile. Or maybe even the company that makes walkie-talkies... I hear they may have even picked up a few of Sprint's former "valued customers".

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