Monday, February 16, 2009

Well done on the priorities, Jason. Well done.

Was anyone else slightly disturbed by this exchange on the Bachelor tonight:

Molly:  If your house was on fire what is the one thing you would grab?
Jason, (with NO hesitation):  My old school Air Jordans!

Um, helloooooo..... are all the half nakey ladies causing the blood to drain from your brain into other areas??  YOU HAVE A SON!!  The proper answer to that questions would have been TY!!  Remember him, he's at home right now, with the sitter, while you are getting frisky on three overnight dates in a row in a country halfway around the world.  Sheesh....

That kid is going to have some major ammo to hold over his dad's head when he becomes of the proper age to watch dear old dad's ass-groping stint on the Bachelor.

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