Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aloha......... from Dallas.

The term "staycation" seems to be popping up everywhere as Spring Break is upon us. Since the economy has tanked a lot of people have chosen to stay home instead of traveling. My parents were lucky enough to go on a "real" vacation since they were offered a free trip to Hawaii through Bossdad's media expenditures. (mustbenice!) I am only slightly bitter about this since I will be the one doing most of the work to maintain the client relationships that sent him on this little vacay. Ahhh, the joys of being low man on the totum pole. I did try to go with them...
But that didn't work very well. So instead, I had my own little mini staycation at "Chez W". I decided to housesit/watch their dogs for them so moose could play with his cousins with eversohandy doggie door access. I must say, it has actually been a very nice, relaxing, productive week. I have:
  1. Completely detailed my car using bossdad's shopvac and plethora of auto detailing products.
  2. Organized all my tear outs of recipes into a cute little, labled binder for easy access.
  3. Saved on gas by driving my mom's car (and totally got busted when I was talking to her and said "ew, a bird just shit on your car... er... I mean, my car".)
  4. Took full advantage of the stocked pantry by making a huge batch of marinara sauce to freeze. As well as an italian meatloaf to have something to put said marinara sauce on.
  5. Further confirmed that my mom's fashion sense is like a fine wine... (just gets better with age) by "shopping" in her closet for at least two work outfits this week.
  6. Ran several 'burbs oriented errands including but not limited to: buying/planting flower boxes for the townhouse at Home Depot and purchasing shower gift at Babies R Us. (I'm pretty sure the uptown zoning laws prohibit such businesses as "Babies R Us"... it scares all the drunk youngsters.)
It's been a great week... they get back Saturday so I guess it's time to clean up the kitchen, reorganize my mom's closet, and fill her car back up with gas. Hope you guys had fun!

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