Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Resolution Re-do

I am declaring today New Year's Eve Part II. Why? Because today I stepped on the scale and saw a number I have never seen before. And not in a good way. So today is New Years Eve for the sole purpose of my resolution to get my ass in shape.

I'm a pretty "average" girl. I'm not even close to overweight according to any medical charts, but I'm a firm believer that "chubby" can only be fairly judged by the person that is in that particular body and well, I'm calling myself out.

As a girl, I'm thankful to have my mom's build (love you Bossdad!!) and she is pretty small. But as I've heard from her college days (when she would eat mashed potatoes, french fries, potato salad, and a baked potato for lunch... yes, she was basically a walking complex carb) even she has the potential to get a little "heavy-set" for her build.

I put some thought into this in the shower this morning as I was scrubbing down my unusually plump self, and my main focus will be good old fashioned exercise. I just love cooking way too much. Scratch that, I love cooking GOOD food way too much. (Did you take a look at that recipe for chicken tequila fettuccine? How many recipes can you think of that have carbs, booze, butter, oil, AND cream??)

Also, I want to build this into a routine that I can hopefully continue through the rest of my life. And let's face it, even if I did outlaw heavy cream from my fridge, it wouldn't last long.

My goal isn't to be super-model skinny. Just comfortable in my own skin. And to rid my mind of the desire to purchase one of those waistband expanders made for pregnant women. Don't lie, you know the same thought has crossed your mind after a Thanksgiving or two!

I'm publicly announcing this as a means to make myself accountable. (similar to my last two short lived 1/2 marathon declarations!) So, I'll be sure to update with the good and the bad. Wish me luck!


Dotty said...


wylieeagle said...

4 step process:

1-Remove red velvet cookie recipe from recipe box
2-Wad it up into a ball
3-Put it in toilet
4-Flush it

PS-Did you call your mom fat...Wow. Dotty, can I have those pictures of Natty now?

Dotty said...

After getting over the shock of being called "heavy set",I'm in sympathetic mother mode. Don't worry honey, as long as you can still fit into your Snuggie, you're good!!!

Dotty said...

And yes Wylie you can have those pictures. I have a whole album full of the glasses/braces stage for your amusement.