Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cubicle Wars, continued

One of the joys of having a "work brother" are the inevitable practical jokes. Since Wylie started here a year ago, the following events have transpired:
  1. Multiple scenarios of the parking lot game.
  2. Me telling him he was next on a day several firings were going on. (Having unique access to Bossdad gave this one the ultimate in credibilty!)
  3. Texting people from the other's phone when left unattended.
  4. Him and Jason showing up on a first date when I happened to make the mistake of saying where I was going earlier in the day at work.
His latest antics involved this iphone app where you can text from an anonymous number. On Saturday, I start getting text messages from some random guy named "Jake" that I had never met.

I ignored him until finally five text messages in, he was getting a little creepy, so I say "I'm sorry, but I really don't remember meeting you." To which he replies "We met on Greenville on St. Patty's Day". It was at about that time that I start thinking sheesh... I had fun on St. Patty's, but I certainly don't remember having that much fun that I would forget this. Then I heard Wylie giggling one cube over. Ahhhh.... makes sense now.

My roommate has known Wylie since they were babies. So this weekend she was going through some pictures when she found his senior picture. His senior picture in which he has bad highlights and BOTH ears pierced. Well, hello there payback, so nice of you to show up!

At work we have this big wall with all these pictures of employees on it. We only update this every once in awhile and Wylie hasn't been added yet. Well, I just thought it only made sense to add him since he's been here for over a year.

The Wall:
The Wall with Wylie's Addition:
Wylie up close in his highlighted glory:


wylieeagle said...

Nice Photo Shopping...We all know I'm a lot cooler than that. Why didn't someone stop me from wearing that garbage??

Dotty said...

BOTH ears pierced? Wow. And I haven't seen hilites that bad in a long time. No wait....I've never seen hilites that bad. I'm sure someone tried to stop you, you just wouldn't listen.

Rachel Repents said...

This is classic! Though, I'd say from his profile picture, he is backsliding in the fashion department! Sorry, wylie :)

The Leinwetters said...

i am pretty sure that outfit was dorky even in 2000! :)