Friday, March 6, 2009

Foodie Friday: Cinnamon Rolls

I made these delicious red velvet cookies last week and ended up with a ton of leftover cream cheese icing. As my roommate was downing her fifth cookie she mentioned that the icing would be really good on cinnamon rolls. I'd never attempted homemade cinnamon rolls before so I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to give it a shot.

Yeast scares me since my first attempt at making focaccia resulted in very herb-y bricks, but I had recently stolen my mom's bread machine from her house so I thought it might be less intimidating. One thing I hadn't realized is that you have to make the dough (1 hour), let it rise (1-2 hours), roll out, cut up, and let rise AGAIN (1-2 hours) and THEN bake (30 min).

So not knowing this and NOT being an early riser, we had cinnamon rolls as an appetizer to dinner (no really... I'm serious). And to be honest, I kind of winged it by using a combination of two different recipes. (not the best idea while baking) They rose properly and looked great, but they were a little tough. I would completely welcome any thoughts as to the secret to mushy, soft cinnamon rolls.

Since I haven't perfected this one, I'll spare you the recipe, but here are some pictures of the adventure. (If you must have a recipe on Foodie Friday, click the link above for the cookies from Bakerella. As one of my coworkers said they are "freaking to-die-for".)
Fresh out of the bread machine, ready to rise.
It worked!
About four hours in... risen for the second time.
Finished product! A little tough, but still tasty!


Elizabeth said...

seriously salivating.

Cheryl said...

Well, they LOOK great!

Pizza by the scoop was a hit on Saturday - especially with Wylie. Okay...Me, too but I'm pregnant so at least I have a reason for eating that much!

Thanks for the recipe. It will be a Sunday Staple in our house come football season.