Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I caved...

I know. You're silently judging me. Number four on my 30x30 list is silently judging me too. However, on a more positive note, I am back in the happy world of iPhone ownership!

No offense to Nokia, but after two weeks of pushing the number 7 four times to text the letter "S", I had about had it. I remembered that my roomie had a Treo she abandoned after she got her iPhone, I asked her, and she said I could use it until June.

So, I wander down to the AT&T store with THE BEST INTENTIONS! I swear, iPhone ownership was no where in my target-clad, girl-on-a-budget, little mind. However, here's how it went down...

Upon entering store:

AT&T Guy: Hi can I help you?
Me: Yes, I would like to activate this old Treo to use until June when I can buy a new iPhone.
AT&T Guy: No problem. So, you look familiar, do you come in here often? (not even kidding, people!)
Me: I was in here last week buying this Nokia after I set my iPhone on top of my car and drove off.
AT&T Guy: That's probably it. Has anyone ever told you you look like Anne Hathaway?

It was at this point that if I were in a movie, I would have gotten that crooked smile and raised eyebrow that the evil guy gets when he comes up with a plan to manipulate his poor victim.

So I bat my eyelashes a bit and tell him my sob story about how customer service told me the only way to get the upgrade price on a new phone would be to add another line and pay $10/month for the next two years even though I've never used an upgrade since I've had AT&T.

(Sidenote: yes, this doesn't make a whole lotta sense since $10 x 24 months = $240 and the cost difference without upgrade would be $200, but I had decided that I would do it this way to save the $ upfront and then I would keep my little cheapy Nokia to use as a "batphone" of sorts. i.e... a phone to take with me on occasions prone to disaster. Good idea, yes? I thought so too!)

So back to the story:

After telling him how I had wasted an hour and a half of my life and got no where with customer service. He gave me a sly smile and asked if I would like to get an iPhone instead of activating the Treo. So he goes back talks to the manager, the manager calls corporate and 30 minutes later he comes out:

Manager: Okay, we're going to get you taken care of!
Me (dumbfounded): Um, ooookay. Thank you!
Me (after starts flashing in my head): Okay, can I ask you something without you thinking I'm super high maintenance?
Manager: (says nothing but gives me the head-tilt-down, looking-over-his-glasses-at-me, you've-got-to-be-shitting-me look)
Me: So, is there any way you could maybe make that a little notation in my account and I could come back in June? Would that be okay?
Manager: (continues look referenced above) I doubt it.
Me: Okay, okay... that's perfectly fine then, I'll take it!

My rationalization:
  1. Hello... I basically saved $200-240 and there were no guarantees that I would receive the same deal in June.
  2. I have been making really good progress budgeting (although I still have a long ways to go).
  3. My blog would have suffered greatly since a majority of my pictures are via iPhone.
  4. I'm heading up the new media efforts at the agency and I can't very well do that without twitter and facebook on my phone, can I?
  5. Since I bought it three months early and without budgeting for it, I made up for it by buying the 8G instead of the 16G I was planning on buying.

There you go! I'm now a proud and much more careful iPhone owner. Feel free to call me!!


wylieeagle said...

So youre've actually owned more i-Phones in the past year than you've had dates?

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Oooohh! That was rude!