Thursday, March 12, 2009

iPhone 3.0

As I've mentioned, my iPhone decided to take a little ride on the roof of my car. This did not turn out well for iPhone or myself. Since that time the universe has been determined to rub salt in my wounds. Pretty much my whole office has iPhones and their ringtones taunt me daily. My brother and I like to email each other about cool apps when we find them. Salt + Wound:

Clint: I found this cool iPhone app that's better than Nike +.
Nat: That would be awesome if I had an iPhone.
Clint: Oh no.... what happened?
Nat: I set it on top of my car and drove off.
Clint: Nice. How many is this now?
Nat: Three. No, two. No, three.
Clint: Hey thanks... I have stock in apple.
Nat: Happy I could help.

I have a ghetto replacement, but it's just not the same. I'm fully aware that my whine-factor is going through the roof right now, but my fellow iPhone owners know what I'm talking about. So after much thought and much analyzation I have decided to wait until June. For the following reasons:
  1. First and foremost, is telling me no. Actually, it's telling me "You are F*%KING INSANE if you think iPhone purchasing is even remotely in your cards right now, but I paraphrased for politeness sake...
  2. Maybe four months of iPhonelessness will make me appreciate said iPhone a little more and be more careful.
  3. I've decided that taking $50/month out of my booze budget for four months would be a more responsible way to make this pricey purchase, in more ways than one. {you're welcome, liver}
  4. Word on the streets* is that Apple is coming out with iPhone 3.0 in June. The rumors apply to a new software update, but often hardware updates come along with that. And I would be SO pissed if I bought one now and a newer, cheaper version came out in June.
*Okay, so really I read this on the apple tech blogs. I'm fully aware that this makes me not only a nerd but a HUGE nerd. But doesn't "word on the streets" sound so much cooler?

Sidenote: for future planning purposes, since you can't buy insurance for these stupid things I intend to set aside $20/month to fund what appears to be my inevitable annual iPhone purchase.

So, in the meantime I will be rocking my own personal version:


Elizabeth said...

I dropped Steve's iPhone at new years and shattered the screen. He wasn't eligible for upgrade pricing, so I had to eat the entire $400 price.

I can't imagine being without mine. F Get one. (do not listen to me, I am a financial disaster)

Dotty said...

$50.00 a week out of your booze budget? How much is your booze budget?

Natalie said...

A MONTH mom, not a week. I'm not that bad!!

Walker said...

Her booze budget probably is $50 a week. So this translates to taking a week off per month... or just Mondays and Tuesdays.