Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mars and Venus, confirmed

I have had some very interesting responses to my post yesterday. I've noticed that it tends to vary depending on the gender of the person I encounter.

The Girls:
  • Julie stopped by last night and when the blog came up, reassured me that she thought I looked great.
  • I also got a reassuring email from Jenny that said "ummm, you should see the number on my scale, missy". (right, that would make me feel better that she was in the same boat, except she's seven months pregnant!)
The Guys:
  • Bossdad called last night and I told him I was eating dinner and he responded with, "whatcha havin', chubs?"
  • Wylie just IM'ed me and I quote, "you having a salad for lunch today, fatty?"
  • My big brother just IM'ed and said, "hey chunk".
I keep telling myself that any intelligent man wouldn't say those things meaningfully. So, in my mind, they are all lovingly teasing me. Right guys???

1 comment:

Wayne said...

uuuuhhhhh . . . yea....right. It's cold outside and the wind is blowing! Will you come stand beside me?