Monday, March 9, 2009

Moose Monday

My parents have been in Hawaii for a week so my mom needed some time with her grand dog when she got home on Saturday. Since I am now iPhone-less, I didn't have access to any Moose pictures at my disposal at work at my blogging locale of choice. So I had to wait until tonight when I got to Plano to get a good picture of him. My mom and I debated on the photo shoot and eventually decided that "doggles" would be an appropriate way to go. (yes, she just happened to have a pair on hand.)

My mom really wanted the picture to have an authentic aerial feel, but unfortunately a) moose wouldn't sit still and b) the wind wasn't cooperating with our desire to have his ears "flapping in the wind". Meanwhile, Bossdad was inside watching the news wondering what the hell we were doing. I think it's days like these that he really, really wishes my brother lived closer for some testosterone and sanity. But we sure had fun.

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Rachel said...

Natalie- I love, love, love the doggles. Steve is totally tell where I could purchase a pair! And only your mother would have a pair handy!!!