Monday, March 16, 2009

Moose Monday

The weather in Texas is finally starting to warm up which means it's the perfect time to hit up a patio for some margaritas, go for a run outside, or if you are moose, curl up and soak in the rays on your fluffy bed.  

This is his new favorite spot mainly because I think his Napoleon complex is somewhat reduced when he is able to look three stories down and bark at people.  But mostly he likes to lay there content as can be with his nose sticking through the railing.  He also likes to push his toys over the edge as I have found two balls laying in the ally below.  (Good thing he's cute)

I mentioned last night that I think I may want another puppy to which my mom said "you always say that time time of year".  Hmm.... I'm thinking maybe that might be my misguided maternal instincts kicking in around Springtime.  They're basically saying "Survey says since you leave the cellphone on top of the car and drive off we're not going to push it on this biological clock thing... let's go for another puppy and see how that works out."  Good to know at least some part of my personality is rational and non-impulsive.  

Just for shits and giggles, here are some pictures of weenie babies for your enjoyment:

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