Monday, March 16, 2009


Moose and lulu got its first official upgrade last night! We are now publishing on our own domain of!

I had dinner with the parents last night and we were talking about my blog and I mentioned that you can have it point to a private domain and before we even wrapped up the convo, Bossdad had pulled up go daddy, verified it was available, and purchased the domain. But in true Bossdad fashion, he didn't shy away... he bought the domain name for 10 years!! That's right folks, I am now committed to another decade of blogging as to not waste Bossdad's hard earned scrilla.

So to celebrate the apparent 10 years of future adventures, I've brainstormed what moose and lulu may look like/be discussing in the year 2019:
  1. Luckily wiener dogs live for awhile. However, it's highly likely that by that time moose will be incontinent, senile, bedridden due to obesity or all of the above.
  2. I hopefully will have gotten engaged and actually followed through on it with that whole "marriage" thing.
  3. I conservatively estimate to have gone through 39 debit cards in that time period. (that is one per quarter for the next ten years for all you mathematicians)
  4. Shiloh Pitt-Jolie will have one of those creepy countdown to her 18th birthday websites a la the closet child-molesters that counted down Mary Kate & Ashley's date of legality.
  5. Knowing me and my love for procrastination, I would suspect the majority of my 30x30 list to be rolled up into a 40x40 list.
  6. I will have conveniently "forgotten" to change the "Musings of a twenty-something" in my about me section.
  7. iPhones will not only be able to tell you exactly how many sushi restaurants are in a 1/2 mile radius and how to get there, they will also be able to serve as a tracking device for your children, control your tivo, thermostat, and crock pot remotely and possibly perform minor medical tasks such as sonograms and lasik.
  8. Lastly, despite all my wishing and praying for things not to go South (literally), I will no doubt, have had several of these moments and decided, "screw it, bring on the plastic surgery!"

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