Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Sunday Funday EVER

As promised, here are the pictures from my favorite Sunday Funday ever. {a day late, you can thank the beloved mac for being an a-hole last night}

Basically, the day started innocently enough, a typical Sunday Funday with me, Alex, Julie, and Jarred (aka the photographer) but after a few hours at The Old Monk we decided to spice up our afternoon a bit. Erika for some reason decided to pass on our Sunday festivities, so we decided to make an example out of her.

Yes, those are our white girl gang signs.

One trip to Michael's and two hours later, we had decorated her car in what some might consider a somewhat "ethnic" fashion. We call her E, so the front was decorated with a college nickname {sidenote: the nickname "easy e" in no way, shape, or form related to her extra-curricular activities... E was a Chi-o and we Chi-O's are CLASSY}.

Moving on, on the passenger's side we put "T $" because her boyfriend, Trey's, nickname was "T money". {Wow, this story is getting more ghetto by the second. I swear we are very nice, classy people}.

On the back we put her last name and "LBK" since she hails from good ole Lubbock. We tried to find a Virgin Mary sticker to put in the middle to make it more authentic, but apparently those are not a high demand item among the minivan driving, scrapbook loving {*cough* Laura}, Michael's demographic. Apparently stickers in the "old english" font aren't either as we had to go with classic block letters. Regardless, we were quite proud of our work of art. Erika, however, was not.

She didn't notice it until about 10pm that night and she refused to drive her car with the "decorations" and went out in the freezing cold with a razorblade to get it all off. Michael's didn't have letters specifically made FOR cars, so we just bought sticker-stickers. From what I gather, they were not very fun to remove because she still gets mad at us to this day when we bring it up. Sorry E! It was all outta love!!


wylieeagle said...

Is that a penis on the antenna in the top picture? I'm assuming that was already there?

Erika said...

Not only did you use REAL stickers on my CAR?!?!...but the sticky imprint is still there to this day! Now my sister has the car and whenever the dust blows in the LBK..the MATTHEWS - LBK shows up again!

AND you forgot to mention the part about it be 50 degree's below 0 that night!!!

AND you forgot that I had to stand out there with my damn razor blade scraping every last pc off for an HOUR!!! All on my relaxing sunday night!

Just so you know,everytime you bring these pictures back makes me remember that I still need to get you guys watch out!

yes...i'm still bitter :)

Derek and Jenny said...

Ohhh I thought that was so funny! Poor E!! You do need to get them back... or just participate next time!

Lindsey said...

Classic sunday funday story!!! ha ha. Laura is flying into Austin tonight so I'll tell her to read this one! :) Too bad we can't pimp the MV of her's to Whit's wedding!