Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Day in the Big Apple

You might be wondering why I'm blogging while on vacation?  That would be because I forgot to file my tax extension before I left.  (yes, extension: in my world tax day rolls around every year on October 15th.)  So as we were resting our tired feet after a long day, I look at my phone and see "April 15 11:10" and go into panic mode.  Luckily, I had my laptop with me.  So 15 minutes and $14 for 24 hours of internet access later, I am officially extended.  

Since, I paid for a full day of said internet access, I thought I'd use it. So, now on to more important things:  We started off our day with lunch at the infamous Tavern on the Green in Central Park.  
The food was great, especially the soup that tasted like it was something out of my kitchen (i.e. made with lots of heavy cream) only way better.  
This is one of the big topiaries in the courtyard of Tavern on the Green.  Kinda cool, until you walk up to it and realize it's FAKE.  Come on, Tavern, you're a NY staple... surely you can hire a gardner that can handle this for you?!

Anyhoo, after that we walked over to the Museum of Modern Art.  Let me just say that my mom is all about her kids gaining "culture".  However, this forever gave me an out for all future undesired "cultural experiences" because she was not a fan of the MoMA.  At. All.  In fact, she damn near whined through the whole thing.  

I'll admit, the art was weird.  But I tend to like that kind of thing.  Even so, the one thing I was super excited about was seeing Van Gogh's Starry Night.  One of my favorite memories in my twenty-something years was in the town where he painted it, St. Remy, and I've always wanted to see it in person.  Naturally, it was on loan.  Until June.  Ugh.

However, I did get to see magnificent pieces such as this:
WTF??  And this:
Yes, that's a piece of green fabric stapled to the wall, no lie.  And this: 
This would be a Macbook with a rock pushing down on the "g" key and the screen showing "g" repeated indefinitely.  I mean, really???  I had a macbook in my hotel and I could have picked up a rock in Central Park.  

I just don't get it.  There were quite a few things at the MoMA that given 15 minutes with common household items, I could recreate with MacGuyver like speed. 

After the MoMA disaster, my MoMA decided she wanted her $40 and her 15 minutes since she practically sprinted through it quality time she spent, back.  There is only one way to get her out of this type of funk and that involves mass quantities of sugar.  Luckily, there was a Magnolia right around the corner.  
She was a much happier camper when provided with a sugar buzz.  The rest of the day we shopped, got caught in some sort of Pope Switch-out craziness that we saw later on the news, hit up a wine bar, and called it a day.  

Tomorrow:  Food tour through Greenwich Village, shopping in SoHo, and Phantom of the Opera!  

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