Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just wanted to wish Bossdad a very happy "Take your daughter to work day"!! Actually, now it's "Take your child to work day" because apparently they deemed it un-PC to only take the girls, but I digress.

We have spent several fun days on April 23rd. Most of which I remember my favorite part being the lunches wherever I wanted to go (and anywhere was better than school cafeteria food, of course) and being ooh-ed and ahh-ed over by the sales girls. What can I say... I've always been an attention whore (even if the end goal was to suck up to the boss!)

How ironic is it that 15 years later we really would be working together. And that my first job out of college would be in the industry that I visited him at when I was little.

So Bossdad, thank you for being a great mentor. I appreciate all that you have taught me so far and I look forward to what you still have to teach me in the future. And most of all, thank you for not firing me despite my desk frequently looking like my filing cabinet vomited all over it and my disdain for mornings occasionally resulting in tardiness.


wylieeagle said...

Is the word "suck up" hyphenated like this; suck-up, or is it two words like this; suck up. Either get the point.

Natalie said...

Are you implying that I'm a suck up? And what exactly were you trying to pull last week when you "accidentally" forgot to lock the bathroom door? Uh huh....

Dear Readers, you can find this story and more at:

Wayne Walker said... sweet! :) Wylie's comments notwithstanding...I need to talk to you about that desk and your perpetual tardiness. Be in my office at 8 AM!