Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March Madness Moola

After UConn lost on Saturday, I had a sneaking suspicion that I would win our office bracket. Sure enough I walked in yesterday morning to this:

Wylie was the keeper of the cash and had taken my winnings and taped them all. over. my desk. I must admit, this was a way better surprise than some of the things that go down in our office. You can cover my cube in billz anytime you want!

I would like to thank the boys at my "dark horse" Michigan for their outstanding run at it, thus leading me to administer a bracket ass-kicking to all of my co-workers.

The city of New York should probably go ahead and thank Michigan as well since I have no doubt that I will be donating my winnings to their fab city in exchange for some goods at H&M.

Thanks again for your help, Brian!


wylieeagle said...

FYI Captain Basketball, Your "dark-horse" was Michigan State.

Natalie said...

Michigan, Michigan State.... same thing!

Wayne said...

said the girl who has never watched a basketball game in her life!

Anonymous said...

Where's my commission?