Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Would you like some food with your sugar?

Yes, this is another New York post. But the purpose of this post isn't to show you the vacay pictures (I figured you've seen enough of those). The purpose is to observe a phenomenon known as my mother. My mom's sweet tooth is the stuff of legends. The woman will bake a dozen chocolate chip cookies in the morning for breakfast. It's actually fairly amazing at times. She definitely took it to a whole new level in New York. Observe:
Magnolia Bakery.
Dylan's Candy Bar.
Serendipity. (she wasn't impressed)
Milk & Cookies.
The Food Tour.
Dean & Deluca. (yes, apparently you can buy cookies by the pound)
Milk & Cookies, the next day. (yes, we went back)
Fat Witch brownie.
Her stash at the hotel.

I have no idea a) how she is so thin and b) how she sleeps at night with the massive amounts of sugar that apparently stay in her system like an IV drip.

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Cheryl said...

Your mother is my kind of woman! I had circus peanuts for breakfast.