Saturday, April 11, 2009

You spin my head right round, right round...

This is a conversation that actually just happened. No names have been changed to protect the innocent, this is a true interaction between my mother and myself:

Mom: You didn't post a foodie friday yesterday.
Me: I know, I posted it this morning and dated it yesterday.
Mom: No, you didn't. I checked. Because I had to go back and find that post about your birthday to find the website where you can look up lyrics and it wasn't there.
Me: It's up now, what lyrics where you looking up?
Mom: Well, I downloaded "Right Round" by Flo Rida and your dad was convinced it was about a blow job, but I told him it wasn't.
Me: It's not, it's about a stripper.
Mom: I know! That's what I was telling him, but he didn't believe me so I had to show him the lyrics.

The funniest thing is, we breezed past this on to a different subject and it took me about five seconds before I realized how hilarious this conversation would be to someone listening to us. She followed this up with musings on how she thought it was stupid that a rapper from Florida would name himself Flo Rida.

Just another typical mother-daughter chat on a Saturday morning!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think if your mom is ever looking for some extra income she could be a blog auditor....she seems to bust you all the time!! :-) nothing but love Dottie

Dotty said...

Hhmm...should probably self censor since you never know what will end up in the blog...

wylieeagle said...

I hate to know what she thinks ZZ Tops "Pearl Necklace" song lyrics mean.

Natalie said...

Whoa! Keep it clean, Eagle!

Anonymous said...