Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Eyo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Also known amongst my friends as "Cinco de Eyo" because it's our good friend E's birthday!! We are all very happy that it's her birthday not just because we like to celebrate with her, but mainly because she is the youngest of our crew from college and thoroughly enjoys gloating about this fact.

So, E, sorry sucka... you are now the ripe old age of 27 just like the rest of us. HA! ;)

One of my favorite E moments {aside from this in which she was indirectly involved} was about two years ago when we went to an SAE party when we were in Lubbock for a home game. Yes, we were at a frat party. At the age of twenty-five. And I'm only slightly embarrassed that we busted out with this:
I was a Chi-O and E is my big sis (even though I'm older) so in our drunken post-tailgating state it seemed like a cute thing to do.

It was all fun and games until some 19 year old with her boobs pushed up to her neck walked by and said to her equally perky friend, "what are all these old people doing here?". She's lucky that all 90 pounds of her walked away unscathed.

Anyways, happy birthday E!


Erika said...

Awww! Thanks for giving me my own blog post Natty! Can't wait to celebrate!!!

Walker said...

I love it when 25 year olds are referred to as "old people". Sheesh. Anyway, happy birthday E!