Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun with Google Analytics

I was just checking out my google analytics and saw something that caught my eye. Someone found my blog yesterday by googling "moose" and "fleas". When I got over my initial feelings of insult in this matter, it occurred to me that they were most likely not searching for information on whether my moose has fleas. More so, the occurrence of fleas on meese*.

Really?! I mean, I google some weird shit, but moose fleas?
  • Does this person have a pet moose? (of the actual moose variety)
  • Is this person coming in contact with a moose and fearful of fleas?
  • Does this person have a flea fascination and is wondering on which animals fleas may or may not occur?
This is almost as entertaining as the time someone found me by googling "ninja trey vote dallas 2009". What exactly were they looking for?!?

And for the record, yes moose did have one (maybe two) fleas at one time, but is has now been clean for several months. Thankyouverymuch.

*Meese, mooses, moose? Anyone know the proper plural of "moose"? Blog Auditor, I mean, mom... do you know?

1 comment:

Dotty said...

Personally, I prefer meese. As in I'll have two meese, please! Mooses should never come singularly, whether in weiner dogs or chocolate ;) (mousse for all you foodies) And yes the correct plural is actually moose...1 moose..2 moose..3 moose..